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The Israel Postal Company stands a top the Israeli marketplace, providing a variety of services to the public via its well skilled and knowledgeable staff, using advanced technology to improve the service and the work methods. The Israel Postal Company has the largest deployment of service units throughout Israel. In 2011 The Israel Postal Company turnover reached NIS 1.780 billion.

The Israel Postal Company provides universal postal service to the general population, under the motto "From everyone, to everyone, everywhere, everyday, and at an equal price to all". Every day 1,650 professional postal delivery personnel visit every household and business in the country and 2,000 service representatives provide a variety of about 100 innovative and online products and services though the largest branch network in Israel. The company has a team of professional salespeople who provide business and postal solutions to all sectors of the economy. The Israel Postal Company is proud of its involvement in the community and its participation in social projects.

The Israel Postal Company Ltd.

As part of Israel's postal reform, the government decided that the Israel postal authority would cease to operate as a statutory body and all of its operations would be transferred to a newly created state owned enterprise, "The Israel Postal Company".

Objectives of Israel Postal Company Ltd.

The Israel Postal Company aspires to be the leading national transporter of all postal items and money within Israel and from Israel to the world. The new company was founded on competitive business principles and uses state of the art technology to offer a varied range of products. The high level of service, based on international standards, is maintained throughout the country. In addition, the company, via the Postal Bank, is committed to providing the public with advanced financial services that are equally accessible to all residents.

Business Strengths

State of the art technology: sophisticated mail sorting technology at three centers in Israel; computerized point-of-service stations at the branches; a computerized system for tracking postal items; advanced computerized systems and bank document clearing; automated machines for delivery of mail items.

Logistics infrastructure: a large transportation fleet that reaches everywhere in the country daily; sophisticated control mechanisms for collection and distribution of mail.

Customer service: professional and courteous postal carriers familiar with every address; skilled customer service representatives at the branches; manned and computerized telephone service centers.

Decades of experience

The Postal Bank: The Postal Bank is the largest retail operation in Israel. The Company's wide deployment of postal outlets and flexible operating hours guarantee convenience for its customers. Advanced computerization and technology, diverse and on-line services, combined with competitive prices and commissions compared to those at the commercial banks have made the Postal Bank popular. The bank also provides bill payments services for the business sector, for government ministries, as well as for the public and private sectors. The Postal Bank offers a range of financial services to its customers: payments and money transfers in Israel and overseas, management of current bank accounts, foreign exchange services, direct deposit salary payments, direct payments to companies, and more.

Door-to-Door Delivery Service: The Company provides door to door service; secure delivery and document signing; and a distribution center that provides a combined service of receiving orders, wrapping services, delivery preparation and distribution.

Philatelic Service: produces stamps and postmarks, supplies these items to the postal units, provides service to stamp collectors and encourages philately. The service issues approximately 42 stamps and souvenir editions each year in different categories, which reflect the culture, history, and life in the country.

The Postal and Philatelic Museum: This museum, located at Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv, spectacularly presents the history of postal service and stamps in Israel. Temporary exhibitions are presented on various topics and the museum features a special wing for children and youth.

Message Delivery Service: The Company provides telegram delivery services; mail forwarding; a center for telephone payments; a center for the distribution of products to companies; and information services for the Registry of Companies, the Registrar of Pledge and the Israel Land Authority.

Numerical Data

7,000 employees;

1,650 postal delivery staff;

2,000 service representatives;

700 postal branches;

4,262 mail collection boxes;

1,000 vehicles;

2.5 million postal items sorted every day;

787 million postal items per year;

40 million computerized transactions at customer service stands;

1.6 million packages transported per year;

2.3 million express deliveries per year.


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